Program in English

After the march is over, there is some program organized also in English. Check out our program. Also listed the museums that are taking part to the March.

12-17 Helsinki University Museum (free)

The Helsinki University Museum preserves teaching and research equipment, furniture, works of arts and other valuable items.

The Power of Thought is the permanent exhibition of the Helsinki University Museum. It tells the fascinating story of the University of Helsinki from the founding of the Turku Academy in 1640 to the present day. Exhibition is located in the Helsinki University Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33).

12-17  Helsinki Observatory (ticket cost: two for one on the day of the march)

Exhibitions – A trip to the past & A trip through the universe

10-17 Natural History museum (Family ticket 20 euros include two adults and 4 kids)

Experience the Finnish landscapes from south to north during different seasons.

13.30- Science center Heureka pop-up science show. At university lobby.

13.30  International meet-up! Main building. Lecture room 7 (fabianinkatu 33)

Come and meet people around the world from different fields! Why are you here in Finland? Why did you march for? Do you do research or are you a student? Or just science supporter?

15.30   Ask anything about climate change – panel 

You can ask anything concerning climate change. Our panelists will also answer in English.

16.00  The Science Basement  (Nervanderinkatu 11)

Nature vs. Nurture – How Epigenetics Shapes Who We Are

We all start from a single fertilized egg cell, that’s our point of origin. And yet, somehow, we grow into an adult form which is made of trillions of different cells. The blueprint found in the single fertilized egg cell contains all the instructions needed to forge us. But, how does this actually happen? What are the mechanisms that sets some cells towards the path of transforming into a neuron in the brain, or form the retina of the eye which allows us to see the world around us? And how can the same mechanisms lead our body to adapt to the environment even before birth? The field of Epigenetics is helping us to uncover how our destiny is not written in our genes. If you are curious and want to hear more about how the epigenome works and how it’s shaped by the environment surrounding us, join us for An Afternoon in The Science Basement.


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